When Jason Halek started his first oil company

Posted by Admin | October 26th, 2011

When Jason Halek started his first oil company in 2000, he never imagined that by September 2011 he would have drilled over 75 wells, including some of the most successful wells in Jack County, Texas.


Jason Halek Develops Successful Oil And Gas Companies

Posted by Admin | October 25th, 2011

Known for his unmatched work ethic and strong business sense, Jason Halek has long possessed an innate ability to achieve almost any goal he sets. When he moved to Texas from his home state of Minnesota in 1998, he soon realized his passion for the oil and gas industry. As with his other successful business ventures, Jason Halek put forth all of his energy into building a reputable oil and gas company. It took only two short years to make this dream a reality, with his first wells drilled in the year 2000. As his business began to grow, Jason Halek experimented with innovative stimulation technologies. The risk paid off as his new approach yielded incredible results in both sand and limestone formations, capturing the attention of many well-known industry professionals. Jason Halek has now drilled over 75 wells in Texas, Montana, and North Dakota. His wells are among the most productive in Jack County, Texas.

Jason Halek Motivates Employees Through Active Leadership

Never content to simply sit behind a desk, Jason Halek prefers to lead by example, remaining intimately involved in the daily operations and overall vision of each of his companies.

Through his inspirational leadership, Jason Halek has imparted his wisdom and work ethic on his many employees, always encouraging them to strive for perfection. His success in the oil and gas industry has been especially extraordinary given that he is completely self-taught, learning from practical hands on experience. From the early stages, Jason Halek surrounded himself with seasoned veterans of the oil and gas business, learning from their experience and soaking in as much valuable information as possible. Today, Jason Halek has become a leading force in oil and gas production and exploration.

While Jason Halek takes pride in running several significant companies, he places equal importance on giving back to his community, and communities worldwide. He feels it is both his privilege and responsibility to contribute to the disadvantaged, especially children. As a result, he established Halek Charities, a nonprofit organization serving a number of worthy charitable causes ranging from public service organizations to children’s causes.

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